Bit of a lastminute one, this, and one we were alerted to via our Facebook page – there’s yet another great little afternoon show at new booze-free venue The Brink. This time it’s Shack leader Mick Head, who plays an uber-rare solo set this Friday: his only gig of the year.

Mick’s had somewhat of a turbulent career – drug addiction, a series of label disasters, and a temporarily lost album (1991’s ‘Waterpistol’, which was mostly destroyed in a studio fire and only surfaced in later years). But none of this detracts from the fact he’s simply a great songwriter, and one of the best Merseyside’s ever produced. Shack’s epic ‘HMS Fable’ was a crushingly beautiful piece of work, and critically acclaimed, but they never quite reached the fame they should have done, or were expected to.

Head’s solo gigs are always a rare treat – expect a look back through some of his cult Pale Fountains tracks, as well as Shack classics and a peek at his newer material. All that, and you can still leg it back to the office for the afternoon.

Mick Head
The Brink, Parr St, Liverpool
On stage at 1pm, £10

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