We’re guessing there are lots of hungry and thirsty and tired Global Entrepreneurship Congress delegates out in Liverpool over the next couple of days, as the GEC winds up its successful run in the city. It’s always exciting to get a brief, packed influx of new people into the city.

If you’re one of the lucky delegates and aren’t busy networking with Richard Branson (ie trying desperately to get a glimpse of him behind his security team), we’ve compiled a quick list showing to tell you the best stuff to do while you’re in Liverpool. Simple, no frills good stuff.


Etsu – Quite possibly our favourite eaterie in Liverpool, Etsu serves up stunning sushi that’s a must-visit for anyone who likes Japanese food.

Salthouse Tapas / Lunya – On the corner of Liverpool ONE are two tapas bars competing for the ‘best tapas in Liverpool’ tag. Which is best? Well, we couldn’t possible say. And we change our mind every time we go anyway.

Viva Brazil – Carnivores will appreciate the vast range of neverending meat, but there’s a whole lot more to the increasingly popular Viva Brazil than a steady supply of edible animal.

Bellini – The new Italian on the block; half laid-back cocktail bar, half restaurant. Well worth checking out.

Delifonseca Dockside – The Po’ Boys are some of the nicest things you can eat in Liverpool. Fact.

UNI – Possibly our favourite curry house in the town centre. Friendly, cheap, unfussy, tasty, and open til late. Perfect for that post-conference boozy meal.

Coffees and food

Bold Street Coffee – If you reckon you like and know your coffee, Bold Street Coffee will be a real treat. And even if you don’t, you’ll be surprised.

Leaf – A real hub in Liverpool’s thriving Ropewalks scene. Good food, good tea, good times.

Moose Coffee – Imaginative American-style food (which is excellent, since you asked), good coffee and portraits of historical figures with moose heads. Not exactly Starbucks.

SkinniMalinx – Counting calories? Look no further than this lo-fat outlet that doesn’t skimp on flavour.

The Brink – Now by royal appointment and doing good deed for the Liverpool community, The Brink also serves up good food and drink.


The Shipping Forecast – A good choice of continental lagers, food available til fairly late, live music frequently downstairs and a great chilled-out vibe (yes, we said vibe).

The Baltic Fleet – Probably the best pub in the city centre, and so very close to the convention centre that it’d be rude not to visit.

Tribeca – A vast range of spirits, and a real treat for rum conneisuers. Plus: yummy pizzas.

Bier Excellent real ales from around the world – right in the heart of the vibrant Ropewalks district.


Oedipussy at the Liverpool Playhouse – Funny, funnier and funnier-er. If you’re looking for laughs after a long day conferencing, this is the show to see.

Voices Festival at the Bluecoat & Black-E – After you’re sick of all that speaking for an entire week, embrace the power of the human singing voice at this sure-to-be-euphoric vocal only mini-fest.

Chibuku Birthday Weekend – Conceivably you want to let it all hang out – head down to Chibuku, if you can get in, for some… well, whatever it is the kids do these days eh?


Richard and Famous at The Open Eye – Imagine if you followed hundreds of celebrities all over the world in an effort to have your picture taken? That’s what Richard Simpkin spent the last two decades doing – you can catch the exhibition at the Open Eye now.

Museum of Liverpool – Only very recently opened fully to the public, with a wealth of Liverpool-orientated history and heritage; a currently with the bonus of Roger McGough’s excellent Liverpool Doors exhibit.

Tate Liverpool – The long-standing This Is Sculpture series is only on for another fortnight or so – if you’re visiting Liverpool it won’t be here next time you’re in the city.

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