Screen-Shot-2013-07-30-at-09.36.17When the last remnants of debris were hosed from the city’s gutters after last year’s Mathew Street Festival we were in combative mood. Our patience with the city’s biggest free festival was pretty much done. So we wrote Seven Ways To Save The Mathew Street Festival.

We had a little idea. We wanted to show that, from the Phil to the pubs, the streets to stage, our city is just bloody brilliant at large-scale, everyone’s-invited, grin-inducing events. At saying that music is in our bones. We get it. And we own it. This city is a safe place to host an international music festival. No, more than that, this city is the only place to host an international music festival.

So how to capture that spirit in five minutes?

For the past three months, we’ve been working with the lads from Picture Book, ex of this parish, and as dynamic and inventive as ever, and photographer/filmmaker Mark McNulty, whose eye for composition and honesty is unsurpassed in the city.

The idea? What if we track a day in the life of the city, and give it a heartbeat? A pulse played out on the pavements, the cafes, the culture houses and the clubs?

What if we said music isn’t about red carpets and canapes, nor is the best new music exclusively found in secret lairs and basement dives? It’s in the hum and beat of the city. It’s in us.

THE NEW MERSEYBEAT from LIMFestival on Vimeo.

Watch it full screen for the best view.

We’ve had a blast. SevenStreets, personally, would like to thank everyone who took part – especially Dario and Lorne from Picture Book, and Mark McNulty for just ‘getting’ what we wanted to do, and taking it to new and amazing places. We’d like to thank Jennifer John for not laughing at us when we sang our melody and lyrics to her (if there was a comfort zone, we were so far out of it by this point.) And we’d like to thank Yaw and Claire at Culture Liverpool for letting us create the best Eurovision interval act ever. Oh, erm, no, that’s just my personal dark, twisted fantasy….

David Lloyd

The piece will be performed live during the festival, on August 26. Watch this space for more details.

We hope you enjoy it.

Liverpool International Music Festival
18 August – 22 September

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  1. Graham Holland

    One of the best promo videos I’ve seen for a long time. Well done all concerned 🙂 Time to start getting excited for the Liverpool International Music Festival!

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