Because we care, we made lists of our seven favourite things from 2010 to send out to subscribers to our newsletter. It was a little Xmas bonus from us to them.

But, we got to thinking, what about the people who don’t receive the newsletter? We don’t want them to miss out (although ideally everyone subscribes to the newsletter, so they get white hot Liverpool writing direct to their inbox – via the big yellow thing on the right).

So, we’ve produced our lists below. You may disagree. You’re probably outraged we haven’t featured your favourite shop/band/restaurant or play. No doubt you’ll tell us where we went wrong. We look forward to your thoughts.

Let’s hope for another great Liverpool year in 2011.


Favourite Bar/Club: The Shipping Forecast – Filling the huge void left by Korova, this place is comfortable, cool and welcoming. It might take you 12 hours to get served on a busy night, but it’s usually worth it.

Favourite Restaurant: Deli Mamma – A SevenStreets favourite, this is the best pizzaria in town when it decides to be open. When it’s not, we head up the road to the tried ‘n’ tested Tribeca.

Favourite Gig: Philip Jeck/Ex-Easter Island Head at the Bluecoat – A masterclass in Mersey soundmaking, this double header with adopted Liverpudlian Philip Jeck and local chaps Ex-Easter Island Head was hypnotic, beautiful and gobsmackingly brilliant.

Favourite Art: Co-operative at The Biennial – A dusty disused paint shop doesn’t exactly scream ‘highlight of the autumn’ but this gem of a basement venue, which housed gigs, performances and live events, was
amazing. Like all good things, it came to an end, but we hope it rises again one day soon.

Favourite Shop: Probe – Now located in a brand new premises at the Bluecoat, the legendary Liverpool record store lost none of its focus or passion during the move from Slater Street.

Favourite Event: Long Night – who’d have thought hanging around in galleries after work could feel so damn fun? More of this, please.

Favourite Theatre: Canary, Liverpool Playhouse – this wonderfully ambitious and surreal human rights piece didn’t always hit the mark, but definitely left an impression more than other theatre we’ve seen this year.


Favourite Bar/Club: Aloha, Colquitt Street – Because drinking out can be fun, too

Favourite Shop: Delifonseca Dockside – Now with added butchers! The city’s best deli. Better.

Favourite Restaurant: Salthouse Tapas – Andalusian authenticity, amid unpretentious surroundings.

Favourite Gig: Midlake at the Williamson Tunnels – ethereal, beardy brilliance.

Favourite Art: Ryan Trecartin @ Rapid, for The Biennial – bonkers state of the nation screamathon.

Favourite Event: Wirral Food and Drink Festival – nicely rounded, mouthwatering and mature: like a good Cheddar.

Favourite Theatre: Hairspray, The Empire – Lowbrow? Naff? How about just bloody great fun.


Favourite Bar/Club: White Bar at the Radisson – I’m guy who writes about real ale and pubs but the White Bar is cool, quiet, uncluttered, accessible. Don’t go there – I’d like it to remain so! It’s a little bit early 80s Kubrick design-wise. I like that about it too.

Favourite Shop: Liverpool Cat Welfare – Incredible, bonkers charity shop in Wavertree. A grotto of peculiar wonders.

Favourite Restaurant: Etsu – Unpretentious. Great food every time. Fantastic service. Something special.

Favourite Gig: The Stranglers at the Liverpool Academy – The Stranglers are my favourite band but this gig was by far the best I’ve seen them play. There were also so many highlights from Sound City too: Mugstar; Wave Machines; Wild Beasts; British Sea Power; Archie Bronson Outfit, Field Music…

Favourite Art: Lewis’s fifth floor: a department story at the Conservation Centre – A rather lovely and poignant exhibition about Lewis’s, just as the department store was on its last legs, now made even more poignant by the closure of the Conservation Centre.

Favourite Event: Lantern Parade – Something genuinely magical; adored by people all ages, creeds and outlooks.

Favourite Theatre: Sir Henry at Rawlinson End or The Grimstones: Unhatched at the Unity or Ghost Stories at the Playhouse – all very different; all superb. A great year for the Everyman and Playhouse generally.

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