Please note – this article was written in 2011 and all the featured events took place last year. Click here for a more recent article on things to do in Liverpool on Halloween.

Halloween works well in Liverpool – just check out this picture of last year’s supernatural event at the Kazimier.

There are parts of our city that are 800 years old; there’s an immense gothic cathedral on a hill, towering above a sunken graveyard; there’s a resident goblin that used to run the rooftops in Everton and a thousand lost souls.

Liverpool has some excellent ghost tours like Shiverpool that will fill you in on the details – the story about the obelisk on Rodney Street is a genuine cracker – but for the forthcoming All Hallow’s Eve gives us an excuse to round-up a few activities that we’re steadfastly refusing to describe as ‘spooktacular’.

Some involve drinking; some involve sitting in dark rooms, there are tours and there’s music. And, at almost all of them, there’s facepainting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Loose Moose Calloween Fancy Dress Party

Have you ever wanted to see a folk-rock string band cover Billy Ocean’s Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car while dressed as zombies? Don’t answer that, of course you have.

Crazy hillbillies Loose Moose will be making your dreams come true at the Caledonia pub this weekend – ‘come as something creepy or something dead’ says the invite.

Loose Moose Calloween! Fancy Dress Party
The Caldeonia Pub
8.30pm, 30 October

Lantern Parade

As we’ve already said, the Lantern Parade is one of our favourite things about Liverpool, but don’t take our word for it.

Head down to Sefton Park to see the city’s ghost come to life and get their knees up in the undead walk to what is always a stunning climax.

In explaining why the Lantern Parade may be our favourite thing in Liverpool last year, we highlighted ‘a dazzling sense experience and a wonderful example of the depths of creativity in Liverpool – and how that creativity can be harnessed in the community’. It’s not just good – it’s a good thing.

A little spot of South American Carinvale with a macabre twist, stunning artistry and tofee apples. What’s not to like?

Go. Go even if it’s raining, snowing and blowing a gale.

Lantern Parade
Sefton Park
Sunday 30 October from 5.30pm

Port Sunlight food and frights

For some, Port Sunlight might be strange enough already, but you can partake in a haunted walking tour of the Village this weekend – after a slap-up meal at Port Sunlight’s very first pop-up Bistro Evening.

Taking place in the Village’s newly refurbished tearoom, the Sunlight Bistro will be serving up three courses alongside a pick of local English beer.

Chef Nicola Toner will be hosting the Bistro evening, hopefully the first of many, with a distinctly autumnal feel to the menu. If the ghost walk isn’t your thing we can think of far worse places to be on a Saturday night on Merseyside.

If you’re going for the ghosts, the village may look more Midsomer Murders than Hellraiser, but we’re guessing the area has a few stories to tell – and we’re not just talking about the whist drive.

Port Sunlight
Ghost walks and pop-up bistro
Saturday, October 29

Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales are keeping the horror flag flying in the north west with two events taking place around Halloween. The first takes place at Halton Lea Library in Runcorn – a terrifying place if ever there was one – and will see readings by Adam Nevill and Liverpool alumni Ramsey Campbell and John Reppion.

Nevill writes best-sellers, Reppion works with Alan Moore, among others and Campbell is one of the best-regarded authors in the genre. In the world.

The second, at the spiritual Twisted Tales home of, er, Waterstones in Liverpool One, brings together Nevill, Lisa Tuttle and Nicholas Royle for House of Fear, a celebration of the contemporary haunted house story.

We commend it to you, and do remember that you can redeem the (small) cost of entry at Waterstones for books – but if you go the House of Fear event don’t take the lift to the first floor – you might get trapped and have to go through one of the 70’s Amicus portmanteau horror films.

Twisted Tales
An Evening of Occult Horror and House of Fear
27/28 October

Stanley Dock ghost hunt

Some may be of the opinion that the Stanley Dock’s tobacco warehouse is foreboding enough – but imagine just how foreboding it is to spend the night there on Halloween.

That’s the offering of the Stanley Dock Terror, paranormal investigation that retails at the unearthly price of £50 and promises seances with two resident ghosts – a body snatcher and a ‘crazy doctor’.

Make of that what you will, but if you think Farmageddon is for wimps you might fancy trying to commune with the undead directly. And don’t worry – snacks are included.

Stanley Dock ghost hunt
Stanley Dock Liverpool
29 October

Horror galore at FACT

FACT has quite a treat this Hallows Eve, with four horror classics lined up over the weekend to really spoil films fans.

First up is a showing of the Lon Chaney Phantom of the Opera, accompanied by a live soundtrack by The Laze who promise to rbing music inspired by Angelo Badalamenti, Goblin and John Carpenter to the classic silent horror. Pretty special huh?

But wait, there’s more. How about big screen showing of Ghostbusters and Halloween? The former is a riotous horror comedy that surely everyone in the world has seen. The latter perhaps the best horror film ever made – and best use of a William Shatner mask on celluloid.

And that’s not all. There’s only a showing of all three Evil Dead films (the first two are essentially the same film, but worth catching anyway). Groovy.

Picturehouse at FACT
Various showings 28-31 October

Circus Halloween Ball

Insert your own jokes here about legions of zombies slack-jawed and hooded of eye, wandering around deserted streets at 5am, we’re steering well clear.

But, coincidentally, The Masque will be hosting the famous Circus Halloween Ball this weekend, with the theatre hosting Jamie Jones and Damian Lazarus (shurely a ‘rising from the dead’ reference? – Ed) and more in the Loft.

Good chance you’ll feel undead the next day.

Circus Halloween Party
The Masque
Saturday 29th October

Main image by MC =) via Flickr

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