It’s comforting to know that the great LIPA doesn’t just churn out math rockers and theatre techs. Oh no, Macca’s Alma Mater is your regular end of the pier variety show, helping ensure Piers Morgan isn’t the only one who sits in judgement on next generation’s talent.

Having said that, there has been suspiciously few dancing dogs spotted up Hope Street way. Still, we live in, er, Hope.

We love a bit of magic at SevenStreets. Conjuring tricks especially – we do enjoy seeing, for example, other website’s published stats and gasp in amazement. But we prefer the stuff that David Alnwick does – clever, crafty Derren Browny stuff (see him amuse drunken ladies in the streets, below). And he’s even given us a mind reading trick to amaze and annoy our friends in the pub this weekend. Give it a go. Let’s know if you leave friendless…

Magic seems to be undergoing a revival at the moment – why do you think that is?

The likes of Derren Brown and more recently Dynamo have certainly done an excellent job of bringing magic back into the public eye. Magic is evolving to suit the times, people aren’t pulling rabbits out of hats any more, the theatre is now on the streets and top hat and tails have been replaced with a hoodie.

How would you describe your style? What branch of magic most excites you?

I have a huge passion and respect for Stand-Up comedy, for me being able to stand on a stage and use only words to provoke such strong reactions, that’s real magic. I integrate magic into my stand-up when on stage but when I’m a more intimate close-up environment I’m a huge fan of a deck of cards. Such a small, simple prop can produce so many miracles.

What did LIPA teach you?

I studied for a BA in Acting and it taught me a lot of practical stage craft, how to move and use my voice properly etc. Undoubtedly though it was the people I met that had the most impact on me, meeting people who studied in all different aspects of the performing arts gave me a good understanding of the business as a whole.

You’re a comedian too?

I do have a deep rooted love for magic and it will always play a big part in my life but there’s just something so incredible about standing on a stage and making people laugh, a kind of purity to it. No props, no fancy costume, no cards. Just words.

Do you need a glamorous assistant?

I have yet to use my girlfriend on stage, considering I spend a lot of time in her retro video game shop (Level-up @ Quiggins, Grand Central) I’ve got a feeling I’m more likely her glamorous assistant.

Tell us about what you’re up to next, and where we can catch you…

I’m currently comparing a brand new comedy night at Eric’s bar on the first thursday of every month but generally you will find me haunting the comedy clubs of Liverpool.

Describe yourself in seven words

Quite funny and a little bit magic.


1. Take a deck of cards, shuffle them and secretly note the bottom card (Lets say it’s the six of clubs).

2. Place the deck in front of the spectator and ask them to cut them into two piles.

3. Tell the spectator that you are about to read their mind, you will show them a card and they must remember it.

4. Now lift up the pile with the six of Clubs on the bottom (you are giving the impression that you are showing the card that they cut to, whereas in fact you are just showing the bottom card) and show them the bottom card, ask them to remember it.

5. put the piles back together and shuffle the cards. You now have the spectator thinking of a card which they believe to have been a random selection whereas you have in fact forced the six of clubs on them. You can now set about revealing the card in a fancy way.

6. Look into the spectators eyes and slowly divine the card (eg. “I get the feeling that it was a black card, yes? A club? The five… No six of clubs”) if you want to give the trick a mind reading edge.

7. Alternatively you could write down the six of clubs on a piece of paper before you start and give it to the spectator before you even start, just make sure the six of clubs is on the bottom of the deck before you begin 🙂

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