On days like this you have to take comfort where you can find it. Seven Liverpool songs about shit weather? OK, it’s not as tricky as you’d think. Must be something in the air around here. These are the first seven that came to our minds. What about yours? Have we missed any crackers? And we’ve not even mentioned Rain, the band. Probably wisely.

Jimmie Standing In The Rain: Elvis Costello

Doing his best Bertolt Brecht, Costello strips it down and triumphs. As he usually does. A National Ransom stand-out.

Rain: The Beatles

“So I suppose we invented MTV,” says George Harrison of this prototype music video for the Beatles’ quiet gem, Rain – the B-side of Paperback Writer.

Rainin’ Through My Sunshine: The Real Thing

The Real Thing were the real thing in the late 70s, a cracking – and underrated addition to the Liverpool music cannon. This downtempo funktastic workout still shines.

Put The Sun Back: The Coral

The Coral always make the clouds go away, don’t they? We love this – but we kinda wish James Skelly didn’t look quite so Mike Flowers Pop…

Ocean Rain: Echo and the Bunneyman

Their masterpiece? A river runs through this one (Seven Seas) and, for some reason, they’re marooned on a boat in a Majorcan underground cave system. But then, it was the 80s.

When It All Comes Down: Icicle Works

Hahah. Andy Kershaw! A great Whistle Test performance from the lads, with Ian McNabb at his most hirsute.

HaHa I’m Drowning: Teardrop Explodes

The modern antiquarian himself, Julian Cope, captured in grainy glory in this 81 performance: and yes, there are horns.

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  1. Garry "Gazzoir" Knight

    Brilliant – Sleep Party People vs Echo and the Bunnymen. Great pic. Carnglaze Cavern is open to the public. I really should go there!

  2. ‘Don’t Let It Rain On My Parade’, The Icicle Works, 1987 – found my ‘Sounds Showcase 2’ recording of this track just now whilst I was rifling through the IW collection trying to find the track containing the ‘Looks like rain’ lyric …

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