Who needs Etsy? Makers, bakers and – for all we know – ornate wrought iron specialists will, over the next month, gather with frightening frequency to deck the city’s halls and churches with their beautiful things. And it’s all in the name of sticking two fingers up to Boot’s yearly yuletide assault of Here Come The Girls , and three for twos of Lynx Africa, Burt’s Bees Foot Scrub and David Beckham’s new fragrance, Inevitable.

So, go celebrate the fact that, for every Liverpool ONE, there’s a creative Liverpool, too.

24th November

Baltic Arts & Craft Fair,
Camp and Furnace

What a year it’s been down Baltic way. Celebrate, show your love, and roast your nuts by the open fire (if you’re not too careful, after a pint or two of their special brews). This Saturday, the Furnace will be ‘transformed’ to showcase the city’s best artists and designers lined up ready for your inspection in Camp and Furnace’s indoor market hall.

Liverpool multi-arts Festival Threshold will be on hand providing the event with a impressive local music soundtrack (boy, they’re a busy festival. Don’t they ever take a weekend off?) and (we love this bit) the Button Boutique’s ‘Crafty Christmas’ workshops help you create your own Christmas cracker. And, no, we’re not talking about that unemployed woman from I’m a Celeb. Although, apparently, we’re in the minority here.

Great Liverpool Art Fair,
Liver Buildings

Glass, paper, ceramics, photography, wood, fabric, paint, you name it, there’s a craftsperson – right now – making it. In fact, as we type, we’re also whittling a willow branch into a teeny little mouse as a bookmark for our Kindle. And this, the city’s most extravagantly sited fair, is the place to find it. Housed in ‘The Light’ ballroom at the Liver Buildings, the Great Liverpool Art Fair comes complete with mulled wine and choir.

Swedish Church Christmas Market, Park Lane

Want to get something on-trend, Nordic and unputdownable, but feel a grizzly triple homicide pageturner isn’t, exactly, in the Christmas spirit? Have no fear, the Nordic Church will dazzle with Danish jewellery, sparkle with Swedish glass and, erm, possibly fascinate with Finnish flapjacks (we’re not 100% sure about that one).

1st December

The Hope Street Christmas Fair,
Blackburne House

Centred on Blackburne house, this seasonal fair (in, lest we forget Britain’s best street) gathers together local designers and makers alongside festive performances and artisan food. And, should you feel the prickling of your muse you can take part in a creative workshop. Either that or change your kecks. ‘Make Your Own Christmas’ workshops will take place throughout the day. To book a workshop or further information about the day call 07795 168 834

Port Sunlight Christmas Food Fayre (also 2nd December),
Port Sunlight

Ah, the Wirral. They do love a good nosh over there. So, it’s to the westside we go for this fabulous food fayre (‘fayre’ being Wirral for ‘fair’).

Fill yer boots with chef demos, award-winning baking, beer and farm produce (from SevenStreets favourites Claremont Farm, and Michelin chef Marc Wilkinson), pick up the very best cakes and foodie gifts, and go home in that zen like state of being at once pounds lighter, and pounds heavier.

Croxteth Hall Christmas,
Croxteth Hall

Join the spirit of Christmas past, in Croxteth. But don’t worry, we’re talking more than a few years past. There’s a definite Victorian feel to this year’s event, with parlour games and shove ha’penny alongside (get ready for crunching change of gears) pashmina stalls and scented candles. Well, it is north Liverpool. No, really, this is a lovely, atmospheric fair with great crafts, flowers, jewellery, tiaras (is ‘a Croxteth tiara’ Liverpool polari for something we don’t know about?) and a chance to take your kids to the rare breeds farm and petting zoo…

8th – 9th December

Winter Arts Market,
St George’s Hall

The daddy of them all, the St George’s Hall event is a bedazzled behemoth of a show, corralling the northwest’s brightest artists, jewellers, ceramicists, you name it they’ve got a stall flogging it. Over 120 artists and makers, to be precise. If you’re in any doubt as to the health of our region’s creative community (as if), this is the place to come rekindle your faith.

13th – 16th December

Waterfront Gift Fair,
Mann Island

Mann Island’s glittery passage, the Equator, will see artisan producers selling arts and crafts, Christmas giftware, vintage treasures and festive performances enough to make you forget you’re in Mann Island. Hurrah!

Some shows charge admission.
If we’ve missed out a Christmas fair you know about, feel free to tell us below.

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