You wait an aeon for a decent sports documentary to come along and all of a sudden there are three within a fortnight of each other.

After Picturehouse went all crickety in May, June has brought Senna – a docu-film about the great racing driver’s life and death – now showing at the city leftfield cinema hang-out.

Having seen the film there we were pleased to see plenty of people had made the trip to watch what we’d probably say is the best film about sport we’ve ever seen. Senna isn’t just a film about sport and racing; it’s a film about pride, desire, jealousy, politics, passion and destiny – a film about being human.

For that reason it’s not just motorsport fans who should head along, though petrol heads will revel in the incredible in-car footage and Formula One politicking -and may struggle to stifle a shudder as Senna’s car speeds towards Tamburello at Imola.

Wonderful, thrilling, affecting film-making.

Senna is on limited release, so Picturehouse at FACT is the only place on Merseyside you can see Senna on the big screen. Click through for Picturehouse listings

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