Remember earlier in the year, when Reel Unknown debuted their ‘secret cinema’ in Liverpool? Here’s how it works: you buy a ticket in advance, but you aren’t told where it is or what you’re actually seeing. Yes, it’s completely mental. But it totally works. We went along to see the first one – which turned out to be the unintentionally hilarious ‘Con Air’ – and were impressed.

Reel Unknown takes the secret cinema concept, which is already a ‘thing’ in cities like London and New York, and adds its own unique dash of theatre. Attendees are given a bit of an immersive experience, rather than just sitting down in front of a projector and necking popcorn. Think less traditional cinema experience, more slightly surreal mini-adventure.

The second Reel Unknown event, in association with Liverpool Comedy Festival, is happening across the early part of next week. As ever we’re totally in the dark about it. They’re giving nothing away just yet, apart from the fact it’ll be in Liverpool city centre. We’ll see you there. Er, wherever the hell that is.

Reel Unknown
1st and 2nd October
£12 (£8 students)

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