As huge multi-screen cinema behemoths are now primarily shopfronts to flog you expensive junk food (with a movie chucked in), there’s also been a noticeable upsurge in guerilla film screenings and unique cinematic happenings – weird abandoned buildings, DIY spaces, outdoor events.

We’ve not had so many here in Liverpool, although we’ve seen a couple of great screenings at Wolstenholme Creative Space, but London’s been doing some really interesting grassroots cinema events recently. One of which is the ‘secret cinema’ concept. The idea? You buy a ticket, blissfully unaware of a) which film you’re going to see or b) where it actually is. Cryptic clues are given via social media and email correspondence, but you only find out the exact details on the days leading up to it.

New company Reel Unknown have brought the secret cinema to Liverpool, and it’s taking place for the first time on 6th and 7th March. Co-producer Jasmine Doherty tells us it’s set to be an “immersive experience” in an “unusual location” (although she was tight lipped about letting slip any finer details, even when we promised to take her to see Ghost Rider 3D and go halves on a jumbo sized Coke). We always love finding new ways to experience movies, and the thrill of the unknown is one we’re looking forward to. As long as it doesn’t turn out to be an Adam Sandler flick, obviously.

Reel Unknown: The Hidden Picture Show
Undisclosed location, Liverpool
6th & 7th March
£8 adults, £5 students/concessions

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  1. RoyMcCarthy

    @7streets great idea, unless it’s “lock, stock…” at Slater’s, or “along came polly” at the newz bar. Or “bend it like beckham” anywhere.

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