Despite being of an age where we should probably know better, we’re ridiculously excited about the forthcoming Sea Odyssey event, stomping its way to Liverpool this spring.

We, along with most of you lot, thought it’d be held entirely in the city centre after 2008’s massively successful La Machine (the big spider, remember?) weaved its way through the streets. But it’s been revealed this year’s ‘Little Girl Giant’, held to commemorate 100 years of the Titanic, will also be wandering around areas including Stanley Park, Walton Lane, Vauxhall Road, Everton and Anfield, including the brow at Everton Park.

It’s absolutely superb news for that section of the city – the bigwigs are predicting around 250,000 people will head to Liverpool, and they’ll get to see an area that’s often passed over in favour of the city centre. It’s a canny bit of work by the council, and they hope it’ll transform perceptions of the North End, inviting investment and injecting some powerful community spirit into the area. And, of course, hundreds of thousands of pounds of tourist cash.

2008’s La Machine was a phenomenal bit of street theatre. For a weekend, it felt like the entire city came together as one, and we were genuinely surprised at how moving the whole thing was. Well, considering it was a massive mechanical spider.

We’re expecting similarly great things from this project, heading to the city this April. Everything else is still top secret at the moment, but we’ll bring you more updates once they’re revealed. Stay tuned.

Sea Odyssey: Little Girl Giant
Across Liverpool
20th – 22nd April

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