For those already converted, this weekend’s Inprint indie print fair can’t come quickly enough. Last time around, the fair celebrated the best local and regional print art: with zines, prints, tees and mugs splashing The Shipping Forecast with their three colour risographs, illustrations, screen prints and, well, cakes actually.

This time, organisers Holly Gleave, Chloe Adams and Emily Briselden-Waters promise more – much more – of the same, and lots of new faces too.

Don’t you dare go to Ikea to cover that nasty woodchip. You know your walls deserve better. The venue, of course, is the rather brilliant Percy Gulliver’s Print Shop, the permanent space for Gary McGarvey’s world-touring Screenadelica collection (his Tall Ships poster is pic above)…

Holly: This time around, the majority of exhibitors are new faces. Like last time these sellers are illustrators, graphic designers, print makers and all come from very different backgrounds. Some are still students, some work freelance and we even had a lecturer!

SS: So why Inprint?

HG: We’re all third year Graphic Design students. Chloe and me are on the course at LJMU and Emily is at MMU. We decided to start the fair after visiting many others around the north west, mostly in Manchester and thinking Liverpool needed to have its own.

SS: Why do you think prints are having their time in the sun right now?

HG: I think with the rise of digital media there’s something about being able to own something which has had special attention put into the making of it. Whether it’s screen printed or hand crafted. Also the work that we have for sale is also very affordable, so you can buy what’s essentially a piece of art for your home and not have to worry about blowing your budget!

SS: Who are your favourite artists working right now?

HG: I’m mostly into the publications and zines, as they’re a great outlet for different people to come together and have a say on things, through their art and design. There are studios like ‘OWT’ based in Manchester and also ‘Not Now’ who both do really interesting work with print in the zine format. Not Now are signed up to do this coming fair, which is a bonus! Also in Liverpool the prints from various artists in Screenadellica are really special.

SS: And who are the print world’s heroes?

HG: I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion, but I think anyone who is still using traditional printing methods and keeping that alive is doing a good job. Its important that we don’t lose facilities and methods to create the beautiful prints with! Organisations like ‘The print project’ whose aim is to keep the art of letterpress going are

Emily: We all recently went to Typo London, a graphic design conference spread over two days which showcased some of the most amazing people working in the design industry to date. As far as print heroes go Antony Burrill’s work really stuck out to me, he also spoke about keeping print alive and the small printers he uses to produce work in Rye. Also the publications of Kessel Krammer and the traditional printers they used in LA are worth checking out.

SS: Is the northwest a good place to be, print-wise?

HG: I would say definitely yes! Just recently there’s been Leeds Print festival which had talks from some of the best talent in print including Alan Kitching. Then there’s The Manchester Print Fair which has been running quarterly for over a year now and The Salford Zine fair. And now in Liverpool with Percy Gullivers Print shop and Inprint, I think print’s in a pretty good place right now!

Inprint Liverpool
3 February
Shipping Forecast

pic 2: Yeeting Kuit
pic 3: Alex Frazer
pic 4: Danny Gunn
pic 5: Young Explorers

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