Massive Liverpool news is happening almost on a daily basis at the moment. Liverpool Waters, the Sea Odyssey, Radio Merseyside, the tallest tower in the north – and let’s not forget the bacon thief – but we’ve got something else that trumps them all.

Citysafe, Liverpool’s Community safety partnership and Liverpool Trading Standards Alcohol and Tobacco Unit have stumped up a thousand quid to buy drunken women some slippers.

Yes, slippers. Here’s what the press release says:

Some women attempt to walk home from Liverpool city centre with no shoes – usually because their feet are sore from wearing high heels all night.

Inevitably some of them end up in hospital suffering from lacerations when they step on broken glass.

The slippers will be given out by Street Pastors, described as an ‘inter-denominational group who talk and listen with people on the city centre streets at night’ – they were previously buying slippers with donations from the public.

So, canny preventative action that might save the delicate feet of Liverpool’s female revellers as well as vital NHS time and money? Or a baffling waste of tight resources? We’re inclined towards the former, but were still caught off-guard by the press release.

“Flip-flops may not be fashionable but they are certainly a better look than bandaged feet!,” says Councillor Ann O’Byrne.

Something we can all agree on. SevenStreets won’t believe it until we see Harrington foot-jazzling a pair on the second series of Desperate Housewives we hope never gets commissioned.

  • HarrySumnall

    If I remember correctly they tried this in Portsmouth/Plymouth and it appreciably reduced the number of minor A&E presentations on the weekends

  • Rob Da Goth

    … this isn’t new to the city … Merseytravel did it for the ladies day at Aintree one year …

  • Nina NookandWillow Halliwell

    what??? thats ridiculous… if women cant walk in their shoes whilst drunk then take other shoes out with them, or suffer… there are actually fold up shoes u can buy… this money could be better spent like for homeless people on the streets of liverpool… stupid idea in my opinion!

  • Nina NookandWillow Halliwell

    or if they suffer lacerations as a result of walking without their shoes on then let them pay for their treatment… self inflicted!#

  • Sevenstreets

    It does seem like an odd way to spend resources but often the cash that QUANGOs have to spend is ring-fenced. Obviously they thought this was the best way to do it

  • Sevenstreets


  • Nina NookandWillow Halliwell

    hmmm i could think of a few better ways to spend it!

  • Sevenstreets

    Oh, quite. A statue of Tom Baker for one.

  • geeski

    Great idea…hope they start dishing them out for blokes too….