Liverpool Santa DashSpare a thought, and some cash if you can, for the thousands taking part in this weekend’s Santa Dash around time. Sub zero temperatures, slippery streets and synthentic Santa costumes could well see a pile up of fat old, avuncular men, not seen since the last Happy Hour at Yates’s Blob Shop on Great Charlotte Street.

This year, organisers are hoping for a 10,000 turnout, to ensure the title of Santa Dash champions stays in the city and not in – bizarrely enough, Tasmania or Las Vegas. Mind you, we bet a jog around the streets of our competitors would be an altogether different proposition.

Our eyes, and feet, on the street, SevenStreets contributor Neil Moran, will be running to raise funds for PSS Impact – a social enterprise charity helping those in our city seeking social and health care solutions, and provide a better life for those with disabilities ranging from mental health needs to physical impairments. If you’ve any spare change, we’d say it’d be money well spent if it went in that direction.

Good luck to everyone taking part. We’ll see you for the medicinal pint of the black stuff after, yeah?

Pic: Ben Kidlington

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