City Rickshaws, LiverpoolIf you’ve ever been to London’s West End or China in the 1800s, you’ll know rickshaws are both a) amazing fun and b) a handy way to get wherever you’re going. And now they’ve – finally – come to Liverpool.

Thanks to the new City Rickshaws company, they’re set to become a more regular sight on our streets. They’ll be weaving and bobbing around town for the foreseeable future, and they’re currently based outside the Giant bike shop, housed in the Elevator building on Parliament Street.

If you’ve not popped into Elevator before, you really should do – the upper studio floors are home to the coolest artists and bands the city has to offer, and downstairs is SevenStreets’ favourite cafe/gig venue/tea emporium Leaf. Not only that, it’s (quite literally) round the corner from the Contemporary Urban Centre for your latest culture fix.

To celebrate launching, City Rickshaws are offering free rides from Elevator to Liverpool ONE at lunchtimes until June 18th. Now you’ve absolutely no excuse not to grab an exotic cup of tea on the other side of town.

City Rickshaws
Giant bike shop, Elevator, Parliament Street, Liverpool

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