Don’t go for the food. Not even the potato that’s ‘cooked in a traditional potato oven’. Not even the Beef and Chicken Burger or the Skyline Mega Burger (the latter the closest thing Liverpool has to a Man Versus Food challenge: four quarter-pounders, ham, onion rings, has browns, bacon, swiss cheese and cheddar cheese). Well, maybe the latter if you’re very, very hungry.

The food, on the evidence of a late lunch there, is not what the Skyline Diner does best. Oh, it’s perfectly serviceable – sarnies and spuds and all-day breakfasts – but Lark Lane has outlets that does this stuff really well, and we couldn’t recommend the Skyline Diner over the Moon and Pea or Green Days Cafe on the Lane, or Onion on Aigburth Road for lunch.

But what those other places cannot offer is a milkshake made with Mini Eggs. Or a Topic, Or Lion Bar. Or Viscount Biscuit. We’re forced to ask whether there’s anywhere in the rest of the world that will offer a milkshake made with Toblerone, chocolate digestives or Hobnobs.

Fancy a touch of class? Monsieur, with zis Ferrero Rocher milkshake you are really spoiling us! Is this a good thing? It is not for us to say. Let it be said that we did try the fruit milkshakes – a strawberry and a banana.

Do we want syrup or fresh fruit? We want fresh fruit. But that doesn’t stop the resulting ‘shake being the sweetest thing this side of one of those pictures of a dog with its paw around a cat.

If milkshakes aren’t your thing you can choose a sundae instead. Or Belgian Waffles. Look, if you like sweet stuff you’re in luck. As for the rest? Well there are smoothies if you’re after something rather more healthy.

Who is The Skyline Diner for? We don’t know. With its flat-screen tellies and gingham table covers and cloud-painted ceiling we really don’t know. In some ways it’s a good fit for Lark Lane, especially if we finally get a Summer to speak of.

Mums of young children may enjoy the enclosed space to the side and kids may enjoy a sugar rush to send them around the bend for a good few hours. Any just maybe the unlikely ‘shakes may appeal to the part of you that loved ridiculous, filthy, slutty food.

Beyond that? Well, there has to be someone out there who’d buy a Kinder Bueno milkshake, eh?

The Skyline Diner
3 Lark Lane

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  1. Disappointed with this review.

    ‘the closest thing Liverpool has to a man v food challenge’… Erm well Vooo have a section on their menu comprising man v food challenges.

    ‘forced to ask whether there’s anywhere in the rest of the world that will offer a milkshake made with toblerone, chocolate digestives or hobnobs’… Don’t have to look any further than our own fair city – Shakeaway in L1 will happily fulfil that request.

    Usually we take heed of these reviews, but clearly the knowledge of the area is slipping.
    With regards to this place itself. I haven’t eaten there yet, but did nip in for a milkshake which was lovely and the staff were v friendly. I think it could potentially be a nice addition to the lane: something novel and offering more than the run-of-the-mill cafe. Will certainly be trying out the nosh at some point soon – sounds like great hangover food!

  2. “We’re forced to ask whether there’s anywhere in the rest of the world that will offer a milkshake made with Toblerone, chocolate digestives or Hobnobs.”

    Anywhere in the world apart from all the milkshake places that have opened up everywhere (including several in Liverpool) making milkshakes from blended chocolate bars, biscuits and other confectionary? Even major coffee shop chains have been doing the same for quite sometime.

    Sevenstreets myopia that leaves it unable to see beyond south Liverpool strikes again.

  3. I thought a potato oven was one of those little Victorian cast iron looking things I’ve seen in takeaway sandwich shops. Not something American-style diners are known for.

    Perhaps the review is meant to seem as random as the place it’s reviewing.

  4. FIFOFUM123

    Beth and Jack – ever heard of a thing called irony? You have to admit, Skyline is pretty bizarre and poorly designed idea for a cafe — the review is therefore quite apt. Also, it’s unreasonable to berate the reviewer for not having an in-depth knowledge of all the junk-food-laden types of milkshakes available in the city. Would you also expect them to inform you of the various nuances between Chicken Bazukka and Krunch Fried Chicken?

  5. Yes, I remember the milkshake as confectionary craze. It was, briefly, all over the city like an additive rash. Couldn’t move for Mars Bar milky treats. Mind you, it’s probably a good thing to have missed. I think it post-dated the Smoothie craze, but was ahead of the frappuccino invasion…

  6. JD Moran

    @SB: There was a sign outside WokIt a month or so back stating they were temporarily closed due to a flood but I’m sure it said they would only be closed for a few weeks so who knows.

  7. BTW – has anyone here ever been to Akis, the eyesore that occupied where Skyline is now?

    I always had the impression it was a place where grown up scallies could go for a pint and a spliff without being disturbed by the boho vegan types in Lark lane.

    Maybe it’s no coincidence that ever since it closed down, the vibe at The Lodge has turned a bit dark on weekend nights?

    Anyway – whatever is going on at Skyline, it seems Robin’s question of “Who is The Skyline Diner for?” is very apt, it really does seem as if Skyline themselves don’t know who they are targetting, it seems like an ill-conceived idea, and it’s certainly no Eddie Rockets.

    With the competition around the area, a new business such as Skyline got to be really spot on… and it isn’t.

    I’m sorry to say, but I can’t see it lasting.

  8. FIFOFUM123

    Ringo – yep, and there was another scally pub that opened up in the same place for a few months after, then suddenly disappeared. It was similarly random and ill-conceived. I wonder if Skyline is owned by the same people? Or is it some kind of front? I’ll give it 4 months.
    Shame about The Lodge — would be greatly improved, also, if they changed their absurd music policy.

  9. To the great surprise of precisely no-one it is not. It closed a couple of months after this review, was subsequently done up as a different bar and has remained shut ever since. Expect the building to burn to the ground – as it did once before – before the end of the year.

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