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The Kazimier is rapidly becoming one of the best venues in Liverpool to watch live music, not just because of the staggered layout, ales and vibe, but the great shows it stages. Matt Berry was another such quality night, ripping through his back catalogue and weaving in tracks from his latest album, Kill the Wolf.

Better known for his roles in The Mighty Boosh, Snuffbox and The IT Crowd, Berry’s musical timing is as impeccable as that of his comedy. These aren’t joke songs – many feature a dark edge with an ethereal folk vibe, with references to death and the devil – but there is humour, which instead comes through in the joy the band have performing together.

Special mention must go to Berry’s backing band the Maypoles, including Cecelia Fage and ex-Bluetone Mark Morriss. They switch effortlessly from the hypnotic Rosie to a full-on funk-folk-prog-rock breakdown in the superb extended version of the theme from Snuffbox.

Extra support came from Thomas Walsh – lead of the equally able support band Pugwash – who joined them on stage to skank a cover of Live and Let Die, which is appropriate as McCartney features on the new album. Should you get it? YES! YES! YES!YES!

Kill the Wolf is released on 1 July 2013

Matt Berry

Article by Che Burnley

Image courtesy of musicmafiauk

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