Margaret Thatcher is singing Like A Virgin. She’s waving a picture of Ronald Reagan about and later, as she stoops to pick something up, she let’s out a little tommy squeaker. It’s a grotesque few minutes – and a hilarious one. If your idea of an 80s night is awful cocktails, leggings and cheesy disco then think again. Well, maybe the leggings.

SevenStreets has managed to cobble together a startlingly impressive 80s outfit from decidedly non-ironic clothes for Club Geek Chic’s return to the 80s. Grey suits can be remarkably versatile.

In the peculiar surrounds of the Liner Hotel, a pleasingly offbeat venue, we are treated to the musical work of DJ Che Burnley; dressed as a surprisingly good Jimmy Savile.

We have also marvelled at Stereo Electric Mistress, belting out Alphaville’s Big in Japan like it was 1984. We also enjoyed their media node satire Famous on Facebook. We missed them doing Crockett’s Theme; that knowledge a keen stab of pain. Is it wrong to say we thought of Thomas Dolby?

Dance troupe Hot Chrome arrive at regular intervals to give entertaining displays of 80s hits such as Hey Mickie and an outstanding rendition of Thriller, while Mike Neary serves up some great pared-down takes on famous tunes from the decade.

Later there was disco dancing and one last special treat in the shape of the best breakdancing we have seen since Break In 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Holding the night together was host Rinty Boo (from 1982), delivering oddball monologues like Terry-Thomas as a New Romantic.

His takes on Sir Terence Wogan and Roy Walker during knockabout versions of 80s gameshows were particularly well observed, right down to Wogan’s pointy aerial.

All told a very enjoyable night – a little bit like Liverpool’s very own 80s variety show. But the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts; that nights like this exist at all amid a mass of binge drinking and faux-posh bars in town is something to be grateful for. Discerning socialites are in short supply. Club nights for discerning socialites are even more rare.

Liverpool has never struggled to stage a successful night out, but to stage something so eclectic and make it feel friendly and effortlessly fun was not only enjoyable, but pleasing just for the fact that it was there.

We left thinking of soda stream, Swap Shop and Spandau Ballet.

Images by Brian Roberts

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