It should not come as a surprise that we enjoyed Adam Buxton’s Bug show tonight at FACT – we’re big fans of everything Buxton and Cornish shaped.

We were already familiar with Buxton’s Bug show; a round-up of amusing, offbeat or simply peculiar online music videos with some comment from the man himself and an amusing analysis of the Youtube comments that accompany them.

But we had not seen the majority of tonight’s videos, and most of Buckles’ own material was new to us. The literal version of Pull Up to the Bumper rap will certainly stick in the memory, as will a song designed to help people understand who Moby is and a live rap version of the ‘minor viral’ Help the Police.

It was interspersed with some 6Music show asides that raised a guffaw of familiarity from the assembled crowd and an investigation of what was on Dr Buckles’ laptop and new projects (rude months was a highlight).

In truth the material is fairly slight. The videos are well-chosen but there’s not a lot to it. However, that really doesn’t matter with an amusing, engaging host like Buxton – a man who seems innately likeable and a man skilled in various, um, areas.

Buxton and Cornish – and quite a few others like them – seem to speak for a vast demographic of people in their 30s who find themselves vaguely bewildered by the world; a generation who haven’t quite realised they’re grown-ups. The world of Bug offers childishness, wit, whimsy, the absurd and the downright idiotic – an entertaining, familiar escape from work and life.

There’s no side, no malice to anything in this world. It’s all very middle-class, witty, pop-culture heavy and self-deprecating. It’s lovely – and to see Buxton on-stage felt like a treat indeed.

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