Look, it’s hard enough learning an instrument. We can barely play ‘Chopsticks’ on our Argos Casio, even after a few pints. But to get good at an instrument? Like, really, really good? That’s a whole other level of nightmare: practise, dedication, years of craft.

Victor Wooten is the best bass player in the world. Any 20 second glimpse at a YouTube video of his work (see below) will let you know that. Let alone his shelf-sagging collection of Grammys to his name, numerous awards, and an unrivalled back catalogue of impressive records. It’s almost funny how good this guy is: the level of skill is ridiculous.

And it’s not self-indulgent fret-wankery, either: Victor knows his way around a catchy tune, rooted in funk and jazz and with an obscenely tight sense of rhythm and fun. And he’ll occasionally bust out a surprise cover version or two (he’s a big Beatles fan, so we’re guessing he’ll pull one of those out the bag too. Like we’ve not heard enough already, but we’ll let him off).

He makes a rare appearance in Liverpool this week, and it’s absolutely unmissable. Prepare to have your mind blown, one bass slap at a time. Impressive classical guitarist Neil Campbell supports.

The Kazimier, Wolstenholme Square
15th July

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