touchWant to sample the bucolic, pastoral life of the English country village? Can’t be fagged jumping a train to leafy Lancashire? Head over to Greenland Street tomorrow, when the village will come to you, courtesy of the ever-inventive folk at A Foundation.

Stroll around the traffic-free environs of Touch Village – an performance installation that promises to offer more interaction than your average afternoon in the shires.

“The village is a web of interactive situations,” A Foundation says, ” and visitors are led on their own journey, through which they can explore themselves and the limits of performer-participant relationships.”

Ew. As long as there’s a hand gel dispenser on entry we’re, kinda, OK with that.

Touch Village is a curatorial project by Kimbal Bumstead in collaboration with a group of selected interactive artists, and takes place from 8pm til midnight.

Structured around a central installation, seven separate performances offer the chance – should you take it – of getting up close and personal with the artists. Shared moments, fleeting intimacy, a transitory coming together of minds, bodies and ideas.

If any event is likely to really explore this year’s Biennial theme – touched – what’s the betting this is it?

Oh, and just to make it interesting, there’s a friendly bar with live music. That should break down a few barriers. Big Brother taught us something, you know.

Touch Village, 8pm, 9 October
A Foundation, Greenland Street

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