The Rathole Radio Roadshow returns this month, with live performances from 20lb Sounds, I Am Not Lefthanded and singer-songwriter Rob Warren.

The Roadshow is a a showpiece to Dan Lynch’s Rathole Radio podcast – a fortnightly Internet radio show and podcast about culture, technology and politics – the night forms part of the Working Class Music & Life Festival 2011 and the Liverpool Music Unconference; and will celebrate independent music and new ways of engaging fans.

As a result all of the artists performing use Creative Commons licenses to distribute their music and support a free culture movement. How ‘Big Society’ is that?

Tickets cost a fiver, but those who can’t make it will be able to watch the event streamed live over the net. That’s because the polymathic Lynch also does FLOSS weekly and Linux Outlaws podcasts – he’s got fingers in pods everywhere.

In between fiddling with bits or wire and figuring out a way of receiving way into waves directly into his head, Dan told us how proud he was to host the event:

“I’m really excited and proud to have such great bands playing for us, if you listen to the sampler EP I believe you can hear that – I love bringing people together and I’m also keen to support the Creative Commons movement.

It’s my belief that musicians and artists should use technology to engage directly with the global public in this day and age, that’ll be a part of the gig with message walls and live video streams. The story of our headliners, I Am Not Lefthanded, shows what can be achieved with a little technology, talent and ingenuity.

“I’m a big music geek and technology geek, getting the chance to mix those two in this way is fantastic.

Rathole Radio Roadshow
The Zanzibar
8PM, Sunday 24 April

Download a free sampler of the acts playing the Roadshow

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