You’ve not been to our office recently, have you? Do come in. Do you like our new solid amber bureau? We keep all our little writerly essentials in here: staples, staple removers, staplers. That sort of shit.

We wish.

Sadly, we can only gaze on in affection at this Jurassic slice of office storage-porn. The sort that, sadly, you just can’t get in, er, Staples these days. Instead, you can only lovingly stroke the display cabinet at the Walker Art Gallery and dream of popping your calling cards and Post-its into a slice of bling that was once so much sticky resin in a forest on the edge of the Baltic, 150 million years ago.

According to The Walker, the cabinet was probably kept in a room which was itself called a cabinet – a ‘cabinet of curiosities’, stuffed with wonders from across the globe. “The proud owner would impress their friends by opening it up and showing off their treasures.” We bet.

We doubt our other Baltic shores storage systems, our Ikea Billy drawers, will be around quite so long.

Amber Cabinet, Poland c 1700
Walker Art Gallery

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  1. You want to get yourselves across to the Lady Lever Gallery – the visitor’s book is filled with comments from school kids whose favourite exhibit is always the ‘wardrobe made from rolled up paper’. I was in there, musing at the El Greco, Rubens and Tintoretto drawings (Old Master Drawings exhibition), but still they went for the old paper wardrobe! Ah well… x

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