We love design ‘n’ illustration whippersnappers Young Pines. A collective of rather talented young graduates who’ve been given a chance to shine by creative agency Mercy (they’re the Li’l Bow Bow to Mercy’s Snoop Dogg, or something), they’re hosting another exhibition – following their brilliant debut at LSAD – and it’s kicking off this weekend.

Based on the poetry of Greg Gibson, the exhibition’s formed around what it’d be like to live in an overpopulated world (have you never tried to get served in Rigbys on a Friday night, guys?) through the eyes of survivors of a natural disaster who head to a hotel for refuge. The hotel’s multiple rooms serve as a basis for a talented trio from the collective – Will Daw (illustration pictured), Christine Gore and Thom Isom – to showcase their talents. All explore the theme with the typically dark and humourous edge we’d expect, and it feels like yet another ambitious step forward for the gang. It’s been interesting to see this bunch morph and grow via exhibitions and through their website and blogs, and we’re thoroughly excited to see what they’ve got up their sleeves for the rest of the year. Recommended.

Young Pines present No Vacancy
March 15th – 25th
Wolstenholme Creative Space, Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool

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