wondrous place

What do you get if you bring together four writers from across the country to challenge that hoary old cliche about it being grim up north? Well, you get A Wondrous Place, a collaboration between Sheffield Theatres, Royal Exchange, Northern Stage and our very own Unity Theatre.

The production brings together playwrights Luke Barnes, Alison Carr, Matt Hartley, Sarah McDonald Hughes to tell four stories set in a re-imagined North across Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield and Manchester.

A Wondrous Place sets out to present a more positive, more vibrant and more complex idea of the North of England to the world – examining the idea as a geographical reality and a metaphysical idea. What makes cities Northern, what makes them distinct and what unites them.

Dog, by Barnes, sees its protagonist in search of redemption on Liverpool’s night-time streets – a concept that will be familiar to anyone who’s stumbled past The Blue Angel on a weekend.

Kathryn Beaumont, Josh Hayes, Sally Hodgkiss and Adam Search star in this exploration of what it is to live in the North of England – and to be Northern.

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Which four cities are featured in Unity Theatre’s production of A Wondrous Place?

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A Wondrous Place
Unity Theatre
15-18 May


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