Divisive, creative and unapologetically intelligent, we’re absolutely delighted to hear Wild Beasts will be galloping (apologies) back into town in spring 2012.

Latest album ‘Smother’ is a slow-burning delight, all smouldering synths, creepy lyricisms and insistent grooves. It’s amazing to see them doing so well, too: though they’ve never once scored anything close to a ‘radio’ single, they’re cultivating a rather healthy fanbase. A Mercury Prize nomination this year nudged things along, too.

They’re also a band who feel like, given time, might end up being really important. In a music world that’s so obsessed with the new and the next big thing, it’s encouraging to see this Leeds-via-Kendal quartet still being eccentric and creative in all the right ways, album after album. We get the feeling a classic, groundbreaking record isn’t that far off.

Catch them as they do a lap across the country this spring, visiting the Masque Theatre in March.

Wild Beasts, 17th March
Masque Theatre, Seel Street, Liverpool

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