They’re calling it an end of summer party. Funny – we thought summer kind of just begun, today. Still, get your bikini ready body down to Camp and Furnace on August 31 for a trip back to the arse end of the 90s. A time of Ace of Base and All Saints. Possibly. But we’re banking on a bit of Verve and Missy Elliott. Whatever, it’s indisputable that the end of the 90s was a far better place than the beginning. Definitely. Maybe.

So let Waxxx take you back to a time of tamagotchis, pogs and pokemon (gotta catch ’em all, you know),

“Some might remember Pokemon, whilst others will remember the last days of the hacienda. On the 31st august, these two very different 90’s worlds will collide. we don’t know how the hell it will turn out, but hey that was the 90’s” the Waxxx boys and girls say. Sounds like one hell of a cross-cultural event.

It’s what the weekend after the August bank holiday is for.

Lined up so far:

Mr Paul – Discoteca Poca
Jimmy Allen – Discoteca Poca
Projekt 1
Absense –
Dalema – Sessions faction
Danko – Sessions faction
(there’s still plenty more yet to come though)

Waxxx End of Summer Party, 31 August
Camp and Furnace (Blade Factory)
Tickets £5

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