Glasgow/London gang Veronica Falls, who visit the city tonight, take all the best bits of swoony, jangly 80s indie-pop (think The Pastels, Shop Assistants, C86 and Postcard Records’ very finest moments) and mash it together to make a rather lovely noise. They’re anything but twee revivalists, though – underneath the gallons of reverb beats a dark heart. Look no further than their track titles – ‘We Found Love In A Graveyard’ (um, we’re pretty sure you can get arrested for that), ‘Misery’, and ‘Beachy Head’, an ode to the notorious suicide spot. Cult Wirral folk-pop troupe By The Sea support.

Veronica Falls w/ Novella and By The Sea
Leaf, Bold St
8th March, 7.30pm, £7.50 

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