What:  Twenty bloody years? No fucking way. Oh no, I know a dirty word. We digress. This month sees the double decade anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s slightly seminal ode to underarm freshness, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. And, under the auspices of the equally hygienic armpitted-Samizdat, the city is doing what it does best. Grabbing a load of cover bands and reliving the glory days. We joke, of course. This is a little bit un Mathew Street.

Seattle. Liverpool. Both squally storm-front cities, both with a side order of chips on the shoulder. They’ve got a Space Needle. We’ve got Radio City towers. And both punching well above their musical weight. Separated at birth, you could say.

Expect the entirety of Nevermind, perfomed by Cavalier Song, and more back catalogue rummaging, courtesy of Cowvana.

Rather be dead than cool? We’re stuck somewhere in the middle.  So entertain us, Samizdat.

After the live set there will be DJ sets from Andrew Ellis, Ladytron’s Daniel Hunt and Vicky Roberts.

When: 9pm, 9 September. Kazimier. £5

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