imgresListen. You might learn something. Especially if you’re a music type, hungry to lap up the tricks and secrets of the trade.

Kicking off the Kin ‘in conversation’ season, Thinking Secssions, Jona Cox (described by the Observer magazine as the “Expert’s expert”) promises to enthral us all with tales from a very curicous CV: Cox’s career has taken him from A&R Director and label boss for both major and independent labels to trailblazer in the area of ‘neuro marketing’ solutions for a host of global brands.

Jona started off promoting gigs County Durham, when a certain John Peel turned up one Sunday night. A spell with hugely influential label, Go! Discs followed, before Jona handled A&R with acts including The La’s, The Beautiful South, Paul Weller and Billy Bragg.

Jona was an early adopter of syncronisation, applying the concept of ‘sonic branding’ (sound as a memory trigger) to telly and film (and, most lucratively, adverts).

Today he works with branding agencies, marrying music and message for top drawer brands across the globe.

Taking place Liverpool’s newest ‘secret venue’ West Africa House – the sublime new Leaf branch -, the session will be hosted by Dave Pichilingi, Founder and CEO of Sound City.

If this touches any of your musical bases, register right here. It’s free. And it follows with the kin social. We’re even feeling social ourselves (for once), so we’ll see you there.

Thursday 13 June
Thinking Sessions 2013: Session#1
The La’s, The Dogstar, Silent Sound & the God Signal!
In conversation with Jona Cox

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