After a day like today, we like nothing better than sitting back, mojitos in hand, and letting some of those super sounds of summer wash all over us. Then, when we’ve finished with Moorcheeba, we’ll ask the experts where we’ve been going wrong. Thank god we’ve got Bernie Connor on speed dial.

The legend they call Connor – that purveyor of kaleidoscopic pop and podcast perfection (Erics, Cream, Glasto, Ibiza…) returns to walk amongst us this Sunday at the Bridewell, Campbell Square, with a few good mates, and a bulging bag of tunes.

One of the city’s great music heads, Connor’s Sound of Summer podcast is a bit of a revelation. It can be found here

“The Sound of Music is my weekly podcast that trawls around the outer edges of pop and all its ugly children, covering nearly all musical bases,” Connor tells SevenStreets. “It’s been a hit since first going online over three years ago. Every summer we convene the children for a gathering in the sunshine.

“This year we’re at The Bridewell, Campbell Square. Our disc jockeys for the day are Manchester’s finest, Jeff O’Toole and Richard Hector-Jones, wayward spirits whose garbled tastes reflect that of the sound of music itself. Also on the card is That Billy Cox, Liverpool stalwart and originator, the young pretender, Joseph Kaye and myself. But let the buyer beware – this event has no music policy. Be nice to the sound of music, it tries to be nice to you.”

As a tasty little teaser, Bernie’s compiled a lil Spotify Summer Playlist…He’d prefer the real Led Zeppelin. Spotify’s having none of it.


Bernie Connor
Jeff o’Toole (86, MCR)
That Billy Cox
Mr. Richard Hector-Jones
Joseph Kaye

“It’s an all day thingy, starting at five and galloping on until it gets dark. once again this is an intimate venue and the earlier you get in there, the better…”

Sound Of Summer Gathering, £5
The Bridewell, from 5:30, 15 July
Campbell Square, off Duke Street

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