“Who are the real monsters?,” is a bit of a tried-and-tested sci-fi meme (usually uttered by a dying man-sized fly as angry humans look on ashamed) designed to turn the audience’s gaze back on themselves.

But we saw plenty of wit in Burjesta Theatre’s Gathering Jack – Jack The Ripper reimagined as a Liverpool women’s shelter manager – earlier this year to expect good things from their new production.

In a neat subversion of the usual Halloween tropes, we’re promised a serving of horror, a sprinkle of magic and a warning from the honey bees. So far, so different.

“It’s a show which is in the familiar garb of Halloween, with monsters, vampires, werewolves and the like,” says Burjesta’s Julian Bond.

“But it also brings in some themes of ‘the real monsters’ and looks at serious issues like the destruction of the eco-system, pollution of the environment by corporations for profit, misuse of science to justify profiteering.

“It’s all done in a surreal style, with magic tricks, strange bee dances and such like, we ve tried to mix an entertaining style with a serious subject matter.”

Expect a passionate and energetic production in intimate settings – the use of the Williamson Tunnels is particularly clever – from one of Liverpool’s grassroots theatre companies.

The Real Monsters

7.30pm, Saturday 27 October
Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre

7.30pm,Friday 26, Monday 29 October
9.30pm, Wednesday 31 October
The Casa

Tickets for all show are £5 either in advance or at the door, but the Williamson Tunnels tour and the show can be booked for £9 on 0151 709 6868
or at enquiries@williamsontunnels.co.uk

Burjesta Theatre

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