Still phenomenal after all these years? Go see for yourself, as the re-imagined, funked up psych-soul collective hit the road to promote their new album this spring. Fresh from a tour with Marks and Spencer model, Bryan Ferry, PHB have more than enough musical chops to deliver it live (let’s face it, they were started by two DJs who thought they could do better than play other peoples’ records), and with co-founders Sean Marquand and Daniel Collas back in the fold, you can expect a healthy dose of gorgeous 70s sunshine, leftfield disco, vocoders and filthy Moroder arpeggios straight outta Studio 54.

We can’t think of a better venue than the Kazimier. God only knows what’ll be going on up on the balcony. A Eurodisco bomb is about to descend. Your dance floor needs you. Check out their new single, Unknown Faces (at Father James Park), and tell us we’re wrong.

Phenomenal Handclap Band
28 FEB
Kazimier, Wolstenholme Square

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