If you’ve been to any of Creative Liverpool’s sociable meet ups you’ll know that there’s more to networking in this city than throwing business cards into a fish bowl in the hope of sharing the taxi home with Frank McKenna. No, networking can be fun. You can actually meet interesting new people who aren’t printer cartridge salesmen.

So when Creative Liverpool set up a seminar delving into the Creative Process, and when there’s a pop up shop from Cow&Co and exhibition from Screenadelica, we’d say it’s well worth investigating.

Only, there’s one slight snag. We’re there too.

The event will consist of talks from industry experts, followed by Q&A with Gary McGarvey (Screenadelica), an exhibition from a few local artists, a popup shop by Cow&Co and a showcase to help self promote our local talent.

Taking Part

Brendan Dawes
Digital Artist, Author, Maker, Designer


From working in a factory, to co-founding magneticNorth, then designing the movie peg and popa this is a man who keeps himself pretty busy! Brendan will be taking us through his creative process.

Jake Smith
Creative Director, Gamer, Typophile

Jake is the Creative Director of JP74, a retro gaming addict and typophile. They’ve recently rebranded and put typography at the heart of their visual language, Jake will be telling the story and dropping some practical advice bombs on you.

Dan Donald
Developer, UX Designer, BBC Sport

Dan is always thinking about what’s ahead for the web and how we’ll be interacting with it. He’ll be telling us about breaking the page and reactive design – a way of thinking about how a design can adapt to suit its environment.

Gary McGarvey
Illustrator, Art Director, Screenadelica

Having worked with a numerous amount of artists, from Bjork to The XX. Gary hones in on creating imagery for the music that inspired and drives him, screen-printing ties everything together, making the whole package more personal and less mass produced.

And us. We’ll be talking all things SevenStreets, and our exciting new plans, too. And there’s more speakers to be announced…

The Creative Process
6 December
Elevator Bar
Tickets – £10

Tickets can be purchased via www.creative-liverpool.com

3 Responses to “Radar: The Creative Process”

  1. Everyone is creative, you don’t need a talk to learn how to be creative or to “tap into the creative process”. Seriously people who introduce themselves by saying “I’m a creative” probably deserve a dam good slapping. It’s this idea that being creative is the preserve of people who design things, artists or performers, which just isn’t true. Office workers are creative, maths teachers are creative, doctors are creative, scientists are creative, lawyers are creative, plumbers are creative etc etc.

    Sorry for my cynicism, this is probably going to be a good talk but is it really about being creative? Or is it more about commercialising/monetizing a business idea and moving forward with it.

  2. I see your point, but the thing with creativity is that, often, it’s sparked by other things. You can feed it: with art, books, music, talks. You can’t necessarily learn to be creative, but you *can* certainly learn to harness it, which I’m guessing is how events like the one above is handy.

  3. I think this is my bad: the intro was just kinda written in haste. I think the event is more about hearing how other people approach it – not to learn any magical, mystical truisms. Well, it can’t be if I’m talking. I think hearing other people talk about their process can sometimes act as a catalyst for looking at things a different way. I guess you get inspiration from lots of places, so why not here? But yeah, crap intro. I need to be more creative on them.

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