Sometimes, you don’t need words. So, instead, here’s a few stunning – and harrowing – images from this week’s new instalment in Liverpool ONE’s Thomas Steers Way. Tarnished Earth is an open air gallery of photographs by Jiri Rezac, telling the story of one of the world’s biggest ecological disasters, staged by The Co-operative in conjunction with WWF-UK and Greenpeace.

The installation runs throughout the month, and shows how Canada’s magnificent native forest is being destroyed and polluted by the rush to extract oil from the tar sands just below the surface.

The photographs, illuminated at night, make an uncomfortable but arresting site. And, as part of the awareness campaign The Co-operative is also holding a free screening of the gripping documentary “Dirty Oil” at the FACT on 6 February.

Places are limited for the showing and those interested are asked to book in advance by calling 0161 246 3050 / 827 6423 or by emailing

Tarnished Earth, 1-20 Feb,
Thomas Steers Way,
Liverpool ONE

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