If, like us, you grew up with your head buried in inky comic books and wore your underpants over your trousers to pretend you were Superman (alright, we still do it), then ‘Superheroes’, a new exhibition at the Metquarter, is worth a look on your lunch hour.

A selection of Marvel Comics’ most celebrated covers have been turned into a limited edition collection of fine art – a selection specially chosen and curated by Marvel legend Stan Lee.

The exhibition isn’t huge – only six pieces – but they’re really the cream of the crop in terms of the publishing house’s comic covers. Amongst them, there’s Jim Steranko’s ridiculously iconic ‘The Incredible Hulk Special #1’, which many argue is one of the greatest covers ever designed.

Also included? The Amazing Spiderman #50; The Silver Surfer #4; The Invincible Iron Man #47; Giant Size X-Men #1 and The Avengers #146. A pretty amazing cross-section of Marvel’s history.

If you’re looking to buy, the prints aren’t cheap (starting at £695) but all are signed by Marvel god Stan Lee himself, and they’re a work of pop culture beauty.

Wall to Wall Gallery
Ground Floor, The Metquarter, Liverpool

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