What: Does the Newz Bar still have a dress code that prohibits trainers unless you’re Lindsay Lohan? We don’t really care. See, in our book, you either have a dress code, or you don’t. No wishy washy footwear phobias. And, trust us, DJ Sex Machine and the SBFs (that’s super best friends to you, child) have a dress code.

What would happen if you went on a supermarket sweep around the best charity shops in south Liverpool, came home, raided your mum’s ‘special’ wardrobe and firebombed the American Apparel factory shop? The DJ Sex Machine and the SBF Bad Taste Blow Out. That’s what.

Back with a bang, an oiled up wrestler or two, a liberal scatter of (Gary) Glitter and the best funked up stew of soul, reggae, hip-hop and dance pop ever, the crew are here to shine a little love on us all. And with ‘pants down, the best dance crew in the world’ Dreams and Whispers, complete with their funbox of  90’s shell suite shit storm, the only thing that’s missing is you, a pair of spandex and your dad’s legwarmers.

If there’s a better summer’s end party than this, we want to know about it…

Where: The Kazimier

When: 17 September, £4

(oh, dress code: Bad Taste)


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