Whimsical ditties and lyrics of the ‘nah, nah, nah, something…something…dreaming’ variety will always find a soft spot in our cold, hard hearts. So check out Sue Denim, bringing her bicycle to town next week. Hooks, harmonies, cycle clips and a severe, glossy bob. Again, she’s pushing all our buttons. Denim manufactured Robots In Disguise when she was studying in Liverpool at the turn of the century (that was 12 years ago. Really) and popped up on The Mighty Boosh. She’s less electroclash and more, well, like the bicycle, more rounded, these days. And her first solo outing, And The Unicorn (released on a Ukrainian label, high fives for that ) is getting lots of buzz. Which, we’re reliably informed, is a very good thing indeed. Hey, maybe we’ve added to the buzz right there.

Sue Denim
11 September
O2 Academy

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