What do you call an artist who likes a drink? No, don’t answer that. Instead, let’s celebrate that magical alchemy that happens when the Biennial learns to love the weekends, and finds space amid all those installations and interventions for an autumn ripe with weekend promise too.

Because, this year, as well as all that art stuff, they’ve programmed lots of great events, mini-festivals and performances (from the likes of Mercy, the Liverpool Improvisation Collective and the Liverpool Comedy Festival) to give us all something to muster around as we kiss goodbye to the weekly grind.

We’ve heard tell that some artists like a drink. We think we saw Tracey Emin looking refreshed once, on a late night chat show. And we know for a fact Francis Bacon was partial to a Tia Maria. So hurrah to Static Gallery’s weekend socials.


“It’s somewhere to go that’s a little hidden away, and more chilled than bars in town,” says Daniel Hunt, who, together with Static’s Paul Sullivan will be programming a parabiennial of sorts, with various video art themes each weekend, and a place to go digest it all, when your response to Sylvie Blocher’s utopian manifestos gets irksomely drowned out by LMFAO in Lloyd’s No.1 Bar.

“The plan is to have resident artists guest DJ various weeks, and then, in November there’ll be a gig by Clinic,” Hunt tells us.

It’s our local already. But if any upcycling ceramicist spills our pint, there’ll be enamel on the dancefloor. Just so you know.

Static Social
Saturday 15 Sepetember, and weekends throughout the Biennial
23 Roscoe Lane