Star Trek and Doctor Who. Two shows that have been on screens for almost 100 years between them – and both still going stronger than ever.

Our favourite Time Lord celebrates his half-century later this year, while the former is currently showing in cinemas across the land. Rubbish stand-ups must be rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of trotting out ‘Daleks can’t go upstairs’ gags and jokes about Shatner’s wig.

For those who appreciate sci-fi there’s the opportunity to see both on the big screen at FACT this week. Needless to say, there are plenty of opportunities to see Cumberbatch go all sinister in Into Darkness, which may or may not be a remake of The Wrath Of Khan depending on who you listen to.

Perhaps more intriguing is a chance to see Doctor Who And The Daleks – a 1965 release designed to capitalise on Dalekmania starring Peter Cushing that exists as a curious pastiche of the BBC William Hartnell tale (but is it canon?).

The story is a filleted version of the small-screen adventure, somewhat juvenile and all rather jolly. The set design is, however, superb and the film functions as a ripping yarn in its own right.

As a counterpoint to Star Trek’s gloss and slick it’s irresistible. Some modern Who fans may sigh fondly at the economy of storytelling, creepiness and warm embrace of nostalgia. Either way it’s a cracking way of spending a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

Star Trek: Into Darkness
Daily, check listings

Doctor Who And The Daleks
18.00, Sunday 19 May

Picturehouse at FACT

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