If we’re honest, we’re really very excited about Blue Orchids – the fabled Factory records post-punk crew who supported Echo and The Bunnymen and Nico in the nascent 80s and who witnessed a changing roll call of personnel from the likes of The Durutti Column, the Fall and The Smiths. Very excited.

Most, though, will be a touch more excited that the psychedelic engima that is Silver Apples are en route. Their envelope-pushing electronica sowed the seeds for, well, most of the good stuff that’s happened since. And, like most vanguard-riding acts, they were just too proto to please the crowds, remaining a cult favourite for those drawn to their industrial, pared down beats, oscillations and experiments in sound.

They’re back, and touring again, forty-plus years after their debut: or, at least Simeon is (one half of the original sibling duo), with ecstatically received sets at ATP and last year’s iTunes festival (oddly enough). This is set to be one of the shows of the summer. Their drones and hums soundtracked the summer the first man walked on the moon. Time to set your phasers to stun again. And the mighty Evol has secured a Liverpool-only appearance.

with special guests to be announced…
The Kazimier, 30 September
Doors 7:30pm – 11pm

100 £10 Early Bird Tickets available via Ticketweb.

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