Yes, it shocked us too. American ornithologically-bent bliss pop outfit Shearwater are heading to Erics – showing that, finally, the venue might well be living up to its promise (they’ve booked the Ravonettes, too for December 5) of offering a new space for interesting touring bands to play. Let’s hope this is the start of a new, more inspired programme of events: a Sub Pop band playing Mathew Street? Who’d have thought it?

Shearwater’s blissfully magnificent chamber-folk is underpinned by unsettling imagery, aquiline melodies that swoop and dive, and Janathan Meiburg’s plaintive, passionate vocals. Think of a 21st century Talk Talk and you’re close. It’s a heady mix – brought vividly and majestically to life in their latest set, Animal Joy. But, for us, they’ve never bettered 2008’s Rook. Live they’re rockier, but their harmonies and riffs still sweetly wash over you like a spring tide.

Tender, thrilling and wonderful: Shearwater are what autumn watch is all about.

29 November
Mathew Street

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