It’s always the most divisive artists who successfully forge their own path. And for NYC/Canadian visionary Rufus Wainwright, his career’s been one of an artist who simply doesn’t care what anyone thinks. From operas to art collaborations to Judy Garland cover version concerts, Wainwright’s pushed the boundaries of what’s expected of modern songwriters.

Though his unashamed theatricality might grate for some, in every song Wainwright pens there’s a bruised heart and an old soul. He’s not one for hit singles (aside from his brittle cover of ‘Hallelujah’, which featured on the Shrek soundtrack), yet his back catalogue’s bulging with brilliant, chilling, euphoric tunes all the same.

He visits Liverpool – for the first time in six years – this July for a gig at the Phil. It’s set to be a special, moving, and (no doubt) surprising evening in the company of one of our generation’s most confident songwriters.

Rufus Wainwright
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street
1st July 2013

Tickets on sale Friday 8th March

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