Ever had ambitions of being Axl Rose? Or a burning desire to be Bryan Ferry? You’re in luck – Camp and Furnace are introducing a brand new karaoke night that’s set to be a total blast.

Rockaoke is karaoke with a rock ‘n roll twist (well, duh) – you’re restricted purely to anything good, with a list of over 200 available songs. Think Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, David Bowie, The Strokes and Talking Heads. Tough shit if you want to wail along to ‘Barbie Girl’ with a blue WKD.

The best bit is? You’re provided with a real, living, breathing live band, so you can live out all your frontman/frontwoman fantasies for real, in front of a crowd of Camp regulars – who’ll no doubt help you along as you emote to ‘Purple Rain’. It’s going to be a right old riot. We can’t wait.

Rockaoke at Camp and Furnace
Every third Thursday
Starting 18th April
Free entry


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