We can’t get enough of Purity Ring. Which is handy, as they’re coming here, on a promise. Can we guarantee we’ll be faithful when they’ve gone? Probably not. But for now, they’re our favourites, and we can – just – wait til Wednesday. Yes, we’re secretly a bit Canadian when it comes to this duo’s glacial whispers and moans.

New set, Shrines, puts us in mind of Fever Ray’s wraparound analogue synths, with a touch of múm’s echoey drones. Must be something about the northern climes. So we’re sure our maritime climate will see them in fine fettle. Of Fineshine, as they say in Montreal. Yes, it appears to be still all happening in French Canada. Á votre santé!

Purity Ring
w/ Doldrums, Ghosting Season
28 November

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