Math rock with tunes. Why didn’t anyone else think of this? Peace astutely marry twitchy, jagged guitars with Kraut noodlings and occasional incursions into indie techno. Yes, it’s all very now, and very Foals, but Peace’s particular blend of “dark melodic” music (their words) sets them slightly apart from the pack. In a good way.

See why everyone’s calling them 2013’s ones to watch, and go watch for yourselves, when they roll up at Kazimier next week to showcase their newish Delicious EP. And any band that reworks Binary Finary’s classic trance tune 1998 and adds a hit of angular guitars is ok in our book. Just one favour, though boys, time to move on from that Soweto guitar picking? We think so – they’re at their best on the woozy stuff, like EP highlight California Daze. Go, give peace a chance. (sorry).

November 27

Pic-jolene henry

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