If you haven’t read Paul Du Noyer’s book on Liverpool and its music – Liverpool: Wondrous Place – then it’s well worth digging out; as a meditation on exactly why Liverpool is responsible for more number one singles – and much more – than any other one city it’s quite fascinating.

However, if reading’s too much like hard work there’s an alternative this weekend in the shape of Little Atom Productions’ conversation with the author, rounding off Threshold Festival at Camp And Furnace.

The ‘In Conversation’ nights from this Liverpool duo aren’t simply the dusty, backslapping fireside chats that you might expect; they add the subject’s favourite tracks played live by some of the region’s best musical talent.

Bringing Du Noyer’s very own desert island discs to life will be Threshold favourites Natalie McCool and Thom Morecroft – and the author and journalist’s favourite tracks will be drawn from his eclectic (and controversial – Atomic Kitten?!) Top 100 Liverpool Songs from Wondrous Place.

Mike Neary will be hosting and you can buy copies of the book on the night if your appetite is sufficiently whetted.

Liverpool: Wondrous Place
7pm – 10pm, Sunday 10 Mar 2013
Gold Room, Camp And Furnace

Tickets are £12 or £5 with Threshold Festival wristband; tickets available from Unit 51 (49 Jamaica St) Fri-Sun, 10-5pm. Walk up tickets from Camp & Furnace after 5pm on Sunday

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