Rampant Scandiphiles that we are, we wept salty tears of grief when the current series of Wallander ended last week. But our naturally Nordic mood has been lifted somewhat at the news of PÄRK – A long weekend in the city’s only indoor park (that’s the fearsomely great Camp and Furnace, not Rampworx. That’s a skate park. Don’t even think of unfurling your tartan blanket there, unless you want some Emo to put BMX tracks in your scotch egg).

The three day event looks as Swedish as a rollmop herring. Promising guaranteed sunshine, a Scandi picnic, a Salmon and Aquavit bar, Hot tub forest with changing sheds, Santa Chupito’s Cocktail bar and a craft market, all Park needs is a bleak subplot of a disenfranchised middle aged detective and some random killings, and, er, no scratch that, this is more your outdoorsy, log-cabin, pippy longstocking kind of vibe, not your Nordic crime caper.

And there’s tunes. Lots of tunes. Expect the Deep Hedonia DJ’s, the dark prince of electronica Holy Other, and honourary Liverpool Nordic superstar in waiting. Greta Svabo Bech, with her rootsy Clean Cut Kid project.

Folky stuff, ravy stuff, Scandy tunes (still a cut above the rest) and, we very much hope, hotdogs. As they say in Uppsala, Abborren har goda dagar, han dricker när han vill (the perch has a great time, he can always drink).

You bring the birch twigs, we’ll bring the towels.


Camp and Furnace
25-27 August. Various prices – some events free.

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