Who: Merseyside’s legendary electronic pop duo OMD have been pencilled in to play the freshly reopened Eric’s this September. After it was announced the venue was to rise again earlier in the year, there’s been endless debate online (and raised voices in various boozy venues) across the city about whether it’s a good or bad thing. A shameless cash-in, or a positive step forward for the city’s live scene? We can speculate all we like, but we’ll only find out once the club is finally up and running – and this opening shindig, however you look at it, is a pretty big coup. Personally? We’d love to see one of the city’s many thrilling new bands opening up for them: a nod to the past, a look to the future, and a strong statement of intent for a controversial venue many have dismissed before it’s even opened.

(Edit: turns out our wishes came true – local’uns Kids On Bridges are set to support)

Where: Eric’s, Mathew Street, Liverpool. September 10th.

OMD – ‘Souvenir’

3 Responses to “Radar: OMD to play the relaunched Eric’s”

  1. you’re right. it’s way too easy to be cynical and say the man that brought us atomic kitten might not quite be the ethos you’re looking for in an exciting new venture. way too easy. sorry, couldn’t resist! i actually love omd and will hope to be there and likewise hope the venue will be a success, lord knows matthew street needs at least one place half decent.

  2. Seriously, that line-up only further concretes the fact that this venue is totally anti-the spirit of Eric’s, irrelevant nostalgic crap. Absolute bullshit-fest.

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